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Birth, evolution and growth of SKY53

SKY53 was born more than 15 years ago by a group of professionals in the technological and agricultural sector. Shared by the same passion for nature and technology, they realize that the demands for quality, speed and lower prices require new solutions so they become professionals in the knowledge and use of drones which can be used for various needs and in the future will become indispensable . In this regard, Switzerland recognizes the value of these innovations before other European countries and formulates cutting-edge laws that evolve quickly. SKY53 has therefore been able to offer its service since 2019 and has entered into several collaborations with large and small Ticino companies, reaping much satisfaction.

The first exploratory flights

The technological world evolves quickly and if demand increases, it accelerates accordingly. If the first drones could carry a maximum load of 7 litres, today they can even reach 50 litres. It must be said, however, that with just 7 liters they immediately showed agricultural professionals their potential. The reduction of labor costs, the speed of treatments, the precision in dispensing the same on the plants, the reduction of waste, and last but not least the opportunity to avoid exposure of materials harmful to health to operators, these are just some of the advantages. 

Innovative technologies, excellent results

Today, technology has evolved exponentially. New generation drones are even more versatile. Not just treatments, but diagnosis of diseases even before recognizing them with the naked eye, mapping of water distribution and so on, are all services that a single drone can offer to those who use it. We are therefore talking about advanced avionics systems, with Payload (or “Useful Load”) of up to 40 liters and the possibility of flight even in extremely complex environments.

Ours is a long experience that we enrich with field work and continuous training. We offer effective and sustainable precision farming targeted solutions as needed. The focus is savings and quality with a consequent strengthening of the economic strength of our territory.